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A Writer's Dictionary:

an eye to the main chance Definition

Dictionary Home » Words Starting with A » ampicillin ... analogise » an eye to the main chance

    1. The way that things happen unplanned and unforeseen.
    2. Fate or luck; fortune.
      Thesaurus: fortune, fate, luck, providence, destiny, kismet.
    3. An unforeseen and unexpected occurrence.
      Thesaurus: accident, happenstance, fortuity, contingency.
    4. A possibility or probability.
      Thesaurus: probability, likelihood, odds, tendency, indications.
    5. A possible or probable success.
    6. An opportunity.
      Example: your big chance
      Thesaurus: opportunity, possibility, opening, occasion, prospect.
    7. Risk; a gamble.
      Example: take a chance
verb chanced, chancing
    1. To risk something.
      Thesaurus: venture, hazard, bet, risk, gamble, wager.
    2. To do or happen by chance.
      Example: I chanced to meet her
      Thesaurus: happen, occur, come to pass, come about, transpire, result, befall.
Derivative: chanceful
    Idiom: be in with a chance
      To have some hope of success.
    Idiom: chance it (chance one's luck, chance one's arm)
      To take a risk, although the likelihood of success is slim.
        Thesaurus: take a shot in the dark, go out on a limb, skate on thin ice, run the risk, stick one's neck out.
    Idiom: chance would be a fine thing!
      Some hope!
    Idiom: the chances are ...
      It is likely that ....
        Example: I'll buy a ticket but the chances are I'll be busy that night
    Idiom: an eye to the main chance
      A tendency to act from motives of personal advantage rather than consideration for others.
    Idiom: no chance (not a chance)
      No likelihood of success.
    Idiom: on the off chance
      In hope rather than expectation.
        Thesaurus: in case, supposing, in the event that.
    Idiom: an outside chance
      A very faint possibility.
    Idiom: stand a good chance
      To have a reasonable expectation of success.
    Idiom: take a chance on something
      To act in the hope of it being the case.
    Idiom: take one's chance (take one's chances)
      To risk an undertaking; to accept whatever happens.
    Etymology: 13c: from French cheance, from Latin cadentia falling.

    Phrasal Verb: chance on or upon someone or something
      To meet or find them by accident.

    the main chance
      1. The chief object or best opportunity.
    Idiom: an eye to the main chance

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