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A Writer's Dictionary:

snap at someone Definition

Dictionary Home » Words Starting with S » snack on something ... sneezed » snap at someone

verb snapped, snapping
    tr & intr
    1. To break suddenly and cleanly with a sharp cracking noise.
      Example: He snapped the stick over his knee
    tr & intr
    2. To make or cause to make a sharp noise.
    tr & intr
    3. To move quickly and forcefully into place with a sharp sound.
      Example: The lid snapped shut
      Thesaurus: fasten, clasp, catch, close, lock.
    4. To speak sharply in sudden irritation.
    5. colloq
      To take a photograph of someone or something, especially spontaneously and with a hand-held camera.
    6. colloq
      To lose one's senses or self-control suddenly.
      Example: When he answered me back I just snapped
    7. Amer football.
      To pass (the ball) from the line of the scrimmage back to the quarterback.
    1. The act or sound of snapping.
    2. colloq
      A photograph, especially taken spontaneously and with a hand-held camera.
    3. A catch or other fastening that closes with a snapping sound.
    4. A sudden bite.
    5. A crisp biscuit or savoury.
    6. A crisp and lively quality in style.
    7. A cold snap.
    8. A card game in which all the cards played are collected by the first player to shout ‘snap' on spotting a pair of matching cards laid down by consecutive players.
    9. Amer football.
      The play which involves the passing of the ball from the line of scrimmage back to the quarterback.
    1. The word shouted in the card game (see noun 8 above).
    2. The word used to highlight any matching pairs, circumstances, etc.
    1. Taken or made spontaneously, without long consideration.
      Example: a snap decision
    1. With a snapping sound.
Derivative: snapping
noun, adj
    Derivative: snappingly
      Idiom: snap one's fingers
        To make a short loud snapping sound by flicking one's fingers sharply, usually to attract attention.
        To show contempt or defiance.
      Idiom: snap someone's head off (snap someone's nose off)
        To answer irritably and rudely.
      Idiom: snap out of it
        To bring oneself out of a state or condition, eg of sulking or depression.
      Etymology: 15c: from Dutch snappen.

      Phrasal Verb: snap at someone
        To speak abruptly with anger or impatience.
      Phrasal Verb: snap at something
        To make a biting or grasping movement towards it.
          Example: The dog snapped at the biscuit in the boy's hand
        To seize it eagerly.
      Phrasal Verb: snap something off something
        Else to break something off it.
          Example: She snapped the head off her doll
      Phrasal Verb: snap someone up
        To obtain them for employment, as a partner in a relationship, etc.
          Example: You'd better move quick or she'll be snapped up
      Phrasal Verb: snap something up
        To acquire, purchase or seize it eagerly.
          Example: He snapped up the opportunity
      Phrasal Verb: snap up
        To answer or interrupt rudely or sharply.

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